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IDSA Tech Talk | The TRUE Connector – essential in a data space

DataBri-X was presented by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) during the “IDSA Tech Talk | The TRUE Connector – essential in a data space” Webinar, on March 30, 2023. 

The IDSA True Connector was demonstrated online, focusing the discussions on its main features, the architecture, status and roadmaps, as well as the certification process. As IDSA reports, data connectors are essential in sharing data, because connectors enable secure and effective communication and exchange in data spaces. They are tools to connect many data endpoints to increase the pool of available data and to accelerate the data economy. By linking data connectors, data spaces become protected environments where participants can freely share data. Data sovereignty, transparency and fairness are ensured by adherence to a set of rules. Data connectors act as nodes in a data space and provide data sovereignty by design. 

A data connector essentially realizes two relevant aspects. For example, it provides Data Exchange Services that are: (a) the Application Programming Interface (API) to other participants in a data space to achieve interoperability and (b) the trustworthy component to handle data by implementing policy enforcement mechanisms and a common baseline for cybersecurity. However, as data can be different and the requirements for data sharing can be different as well, variants of connectors are needed. 

DataBri-X will develop a Resource Connector which enables DataBri-X to find and retrieve external data. For example, training
or language data from 3rd party sources such as ELG (European Language Grid) to enable the DataBri-X tools, that have respective features, with AI and language related capabilities.