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DataBri-X Workshop: Interoperability in Data Spaces II Use Cases, Tooling, Governance

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The continuously increasing number of data spaces and data markets in Europe, as well as the related funding lines and regulations by the European Commission (for instance the Data Governance Act and several programme lines in Horizon Europe and Digital Europe) regarding the topics of (secure) data sharing of industrial and personal related data as well as research data clearly shows the increasing need to discuss, specify and realise (syntactic and semantic) data interoperability between such data spaces and beyond.

In June 2022 the workshop: Data Spaces & Semantic Interoperability was accomplished by the TRUSTS project, University of Economics Vienna, IDSA, W3C, SWC, FhG FIT and DIO identifying the bottlenecks and gaps in Data Space interoperability.

As a follow-up to this 2022 workshop and to explore and discuss the current tool & best practice landscape regarding Syntactic and Semantic Interoperability in Data Spaces a full-day workshop will take place back to back to SEMANTiCS 23 conference on 20th of September 2023 at the Hyperion Hotel Leipzig.

The workshop will combine 2 main parts: (i) an experts panel to discuss syntactic and semantic interoperability, and (ii) a series of lightning talks from the Call for Participation – Position Papers. And rounds of discussions about the workshop topic.

This one-day workshop brings together researchers, decision makers and practitioners in the field of the development and operation of European (common) data spaces, data markets and other web-based data management systems that allow data sharing, trading and data collaboration, to discuss requirements, standards, tools, licenses and more regarding (semantic data) interoperability in data spaces.

The output document will summarise all the inputs and discussions about mainly (a) requirements for syntactic and semantic interoperability as well as (b) concrete tools and thereby will provide a first landscape of existing tools and list of vocabularies. The outcome will be published freely available under an open license / under open access.

Workshop Organisers
Programme Committee

Programme Chair: Sebastian Steinbuß, CTO of International Data Space Association

Members (in alphabetic order) 
  • Vladimir Alexiev, Chief Data Architect at Ontotext AD
  • Phil Archer, GS1, Director Web Solutions
  • Sören Auer, Director TIB; Professor for Data Science & Digital Libraries at Leibniz University of Hannover
  • Victor de Boer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), Assistant Professor at the User-Centric Data Science group at the Computer Science department
  • David Bowden, Principal Research Scientist at EMC
  • Silvia Castellvi, IDSA, Stakeholders Engagement Senior Consultant
  • Pierre-Antoine Champin, W3C, Research Project Manager
  • Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Professor at Ontology Engineering Group
  • Edward Curry, Professor Data Science, NUI Galway | Director, Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics | Director, Data Science Institute | VP, Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
  • Mark Dietrich, CTO GaiaX – EGI
  • Anna Fensel, Associate Professor at Wageningen University & Research; Associate Professor at University of Innsbruck
  • Erwin Folmers, Kadaster Netherlands, Lead Data Science Team; Docent, PLD | Universiteit Twente
  • Ahmad Hemid, Fraunhofer FIT, Data Engineer and Assistant Researcher
  • Olga Galanets, International Data Space Association
  • Fabien Gandon, Head Wimmics Lab (Inria, UCA, CNRS, I3S); Vice Head of Science Inria Sophia, W3C rep. Inria; DSTI professor; Director Qwant-Inria Lab
  • Stefan Gindl, Research Studios Austria (RSA), Senior Data Scientist/Senior Researcher
  • Martin Kaltenboeck, Semantic Web Company, Co-Founder & CFO
  • Petr Knoth, Open University, Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining; Founder & Head of CORE
  • Christoph Lange-Bever, Fraunhofer FIT, Head of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence department
  • Andreas Müller, Schaeffler AG, Expert Knowledge Engineering / Data Architect
  • Axel Polleres, University of Economics Vienna, Head of Institute at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • Felix Sasaki, Chief Expert for Knowledge Graph and Semantic Technology to the AI Unit at SAP
  • Ruben Verborgh, Professor of Decentralized Web technology, Ghent University
  • Ray Walshe, Data Science Foundation International, Executive Director
  • Rigo Wenning, ERCIM, Legal Counsel
  • Josiane Xavier Parreira, Siemens AG, Senior Research Scientist