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DataBri-X Webinar #3: NOVA: Telecommunications pilot to improve network services, social media brand equity & customer satisfaction

NOVA is a leading telecom operator in Greece and aims to utilize the DataBri-X toolbox to tap into the vast amount of data available in the current digital age. The UC presented in the Webinar validates how data shared via the toolbox enhances call center and social media analysis, as well as user plane record analysis with tailor-made offerings, with the ultimate goal being to improve customer experience and reduce churn rates. This approach allows NOVA to stay ahead in the highly competitive telecom industry, drive business growth and establish itself as a customer-centric and data-driven organization.

NOVA pilot aims to increase the customer satisfaction score by 10%, targeted product offers to at least 5,000 customers based on data analytics performed with the toolbox, +10% network efficiency based on algorithms trained on data exchanged and analysed with DataBri-X.

The webinar will introduce the DataBri-X project, as well as Kostas Oikonomou will present the telecommunications use case of the project.