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DataBri-X was presented at the Winter School 2023

The third Winter School of the KnowGraphs took place on March 7th–9th, 2023 in Vienna. Each KnowGraphs Winter School is dedicated to both domain-based disciplinary training such as data science, legal or health, and professional and complementary training. The third winter school serves as accelerator for specific sub-disciplines with a more detailed focus on the KnowGraph’s Early Stage Researchers research problems.

Amongst other discussion topics and presentations, the DataBri-X project was presented by Martin Kaltenböck, the CFO of the Semantic Web Company, leaders of the Technical Work Package 3 “DataBri-X process and tools development” of the DataBri-X project. Martin, during the event, presented the “Successful Technology Transfer in Semantic & Knowledge Graphs”, emphasising the attention to the DataBri-X project. 

For viewing the presentation, access the link below.