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DataBri-X was presented at The Knowledge Graph Conference

The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) took place between the 8th and 12th of May 2023, in New York City, and globally online. The project partner SWC attended the Conference with a booth, they presented the DataBri-X project, and spoke about the importance of linking data to knowledge. 

SWC, for over 15 years, has been advancing technology to enable customers to leverage data- and metadata management, machine learning, NLP and graph technologies at the core of its semantic technologies. SWC is the market leader for semantic technologies that enable innovative and comprehensive solutions in data and knowledge management. Its expertise lies especially in the organisation, enrichment and analysis of enterprise data using knowledge graphs and semantic AI.

In knowledge representation and reasoning, knowledge graph is a knowledge base that uses a graph-structured data model or topology to integrate data. In other words, knowledge graphs are a collection of interlinked descriptions of entities that put data into context and enable data integration, analytics, and sharing.

At the KGC, SWC held a great Masterclass “Taxonomy-driven Ontology Design”, including also 2 PoolParty Semantic Suite talks about:

  • The ESG Knowledge Hub and related Recommender Services and;
  • Knowledge Graph driven Interoperability in Data Spaces.

SWC was welcoming everyone in their booth, and they were more than excited talking about Knowledge Graphs use cases, as well as providing a detailed description of the DataBri-X and the work done so far in the project.