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DataBri-X Tool Session 4: Unveiling tools contributing to DataBri-X use cases

Join us for an illuminating webinar on June 11, 2024, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm CET, where we will introduce a suite of potent tools aimed at enhancing your data management capabilities.

Tools in focus

  • PoolParty by SWC: Dive into the comprehensive suite of PoolParty software, tailored to DataBri-X use cases. From vocabulary modelling to knowledge graph maintenance, PoolParty features a recommender engine driven by interconnected metadata and data.
  • KNOwDE by ARC: Explore data exploration with KNOwDE, a robust tool adept at tackling exploration challenges efficiently. Learn how it generates knowledge-based and data-based recommendations, providing valuable insights to users.
  • SimSearch by ARC: Discover SimSearch, a versatile software engineered for top-k similarity search, facilitating searches over multi-attribute entity profiles across diverse data sources.
  • SDM-RDFizer by TIB: Unveil the capabilities of SDM-RDFizer, a tool dedicated to transforming data into RDF format and annotating it with designated ontologies, fostering seamless integration and interoperability across datasets.


  • Introduction & Welcome
  • Updates from tool owners: “PoolParty”, “KNOwDE”, “SimSearch”, “SDM-RDFizer”
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Conclusion