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DataBri-X Tool Session 1: Exploring essential tools for acquisition

DataBri-X launches a new DataBri-X Tool Session series with our first webinar, “Exploring essential tools for acquisition.” Join us as we uncover cutting-edge tools developed by project partners like TwitHoard, RWD-E, CostNous, NetNous, and lstech – Dataset Anonymizer, shaping the landscape of data acquisition.

Tools Highlights

  • TwitHoard: Elevating the Twitter experience with dynamic tweet collection.
  • RWD-E: Enabling auditable privacy-preserving multi-party computation.
  • CostNous: Enabling reading from diverse file-systems and supporting time-series forecasting.
  • NetNous: Characterizing time-series evolution and offering insights into trends.
  • lstech – Dataset Anonymizer: Empowering users to obtain and anonymize datasets with privacy in mind.

How DataBri-X tools transform data acquisition

Learn firsthand how these tools revolutionize efficiency, data integrity, and privacy. Explore real-world use cases showcasing their capabilities. Our experts will guide you through practical demonstrations, illustrating seamless integration into the DataBri-X framework.


  • Intro & Welcome  
  • Updates from tool owners: “Twit Hoard”, “RWD-E”, “CostNous”, “NetNous”, “lstech – Dataset Anonymizer”  
  • Q&A Session