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DataBri-X supported the "Dataspace Protocol Preview – Information Session"

On March 9 2023, DataBri-X supported the “Dataspace Protocol Preview – Information Session”.

The Live Session was chaired by the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), focusing the discussion on a set of specifications designed to facilitate interoperable data sharing between entities governed by usage control, and based on Web technologies. These specifications define the schemas and protocols required for entities to publish data, negotiate usage agreements, and access data as part of a federation of technical systems termed a data space. The Dataspace Protocol will be the foundation for technical interoperability in data spaces.

Developers, data scientists, and data space enthusiasts joined the Live Session. Amongst other topics, the speakers of the session provided the audience with keynotes, statements from data space initiatives, and connector providers, followed by the deep dive into the protocol itself. The session also provided the opportunity to understand how a minimum viable data space could be built with the Eclipse Data Space Components (EDC).